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Travel Insurance

Important Notice

Before you purchase your travel insurance online via this website, you are required to have purchased at least one item of travel products, such as air tickets, hotel booking, train tickets or hotel package booking etc. from Jebsen Holidays as the insurance coverage will only cover the period that you are traveling for the travel product you purchased. After purchasing online, you will then receive a policy confirmation by email and policy kit etc.

The purchase of one item of travel products is a condition precedent to the effectiveness of the insurance policy. Failure to complete the above terms, this insurance will be invalid and will not be recognized and invalidate any claims under the insurance policy.

The insurance company will assume certain obligations or claims on travel insurance. Our Company disclaims all and any liability in relation to the travel insurance.







I herewith confirm that I have already purchased at least one item of travel products from Jebsen Holidays for this journey.

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