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Air Ticket

  1. Our company will give you a cancellation / payment deadline for each airticket booking.
  2. Full payment to be made before ticket deadline. Final airfare and taxes are to be confirmed upon ticket issuance.
  3. Failure to make balance payment before the ticket deadline, the flight bookings would be automatically cancelled. Clients have to take their own responsibilities on the cancellation and fare difference caused by whatever reasons; our company would not be responsible for it.
  4. For cancellation of trip after balance payment, the user agrees to bear the cost of any penalty and administration charges for ticket issued but not utilized for any reason, the processing time for refund is subject to the discretion of relevant airlines.


  1. Deposit of one night hotel charge per room is payable at time of reservation & strictly non- refundable once booking confirmed.
  2. The balance payment is to be made within 3 days of confirmation of booking or at least 14 days prior to check-in date, failing which all payment made shall be automatically and absolutely forfeited by the company.
  3. Hotel charges are inclusive of local taxes & service charge, unless otherwise specified.
  4. Any cancellation received 3 days or more prior to check-in date, regardless of whether bookings are confirmed or not, are subject to a charge of one night hotel charge per room.
  5. No refunds whatsoever will be given for any cancellation or alternation received less than 3 days prior to check-in date, regardless of whether bookings are confirmed or not. No refunds will be given for unused room nights.
*For detailed room type terms and conditions, please refer to the following link:
* All booking terms & conditions of Airline Package are subject to the final notice of particular carrier.


No change can be made to the printed journey, unless by the organizers in accordance with the provisions herein once travel has commenced. Unused portions of the itinerary and extension nights including hotel accommodation, optional tours, air fare or other items included in the tours, are not refundable. Payment of Flight Tickets, Hotel and Package Payment may be made by cash, cheque, credit cards (VISA/MASTER), and a signature or verification may be required upon delivery. All prices list on this website are based on cash-discounted value.


 Jebsen Holidays (the Organizers), have arranged for these services to be performed under the responsibility of various contractors. The Organizers and / or these agent partners therefore act only as agents for the hotels, airlines, car companies, or other services and all coupons, exchange orders, receipts, contracts and tickets issued by the Organizers are issued subject to any and all tariffs terms and conditions under which any accommodation, transportation or any other services whatsoever are provided by such hotels, airlines, car companies, or owners or contractors and by the acceptance of such coupons, exchange orders, receipts, contracts and tickets the package participants agree to the foregoing and so agreed that neither Organizers nor any parent, subsidiary nor affiliate companies will be or become liable or responsible for any loss, injury or damage to person, property or otherwise, whether due to its or their negligence or otherwise in connection with any accommodation, transportation, or other services or resulting, directly or indirectly from acts of god, dangers incident to the sea, fire, breakdown in machinery or equipment, acts of government or other authorities, hostilities, civil disturbances, strikes, riots, thefts, pilferages, epidemics, quarantines, medical or customs regulation, delays or cancellations of or changes in itinerary or schedules, or from any causes beyond the Organizer's control, or for loss or damage resulting from improper or insufficient passport validity, visas or other documents and that neither the Organizers nor any parent, subsidiary or affiliate companies will be or become liable or responsible for any additional expense or liability sustained or incurred by the package participants as a result of any of the foregoing causes. The Organizers reserve the right to alter, amend or cancel any of the arrangement contained in the itineraries, to the extend not to conflict with or contrary to any written laws, the aforesaid provision will apply and except to as excluded by any laws in force in those countries the limitations relating to liability and other provisions imposed or implied therein will apply.

Privacy Ordinance

Jebsen Holidays Limited is committed to safeguarding the privacy of individuals with respect to personal data. We therefore make sure that our policies and practices in relation to the collection, use, retention, transfer and access of personal data comply with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Chapter 486) under the laws of Hong Kong.