Our Hotel Partners

Hyatt Prive

As a member of Hyatt Privé, Jebsen Holidays join a collective of world-class travel curators working hand-in-hand with Hyatt’s supportive, experienced teams to deliver a transformative experience for every Jebsen Holidays’ guest, every stay.  Hyatt Privé is an exclusive program that is by invitation only to a select group of luxury Travel Agencies.  

To explore the offer, please click https://goo.gl/CAQa4t


Mandarin Oriental Fans Club

It is a great honor that Jebsen Holidays became a Mandarin Oriental Fan Club member since 2018.
Mandarin Oriental Fan Club is a worldwide program that strives to bring value to your business and enhance the clients’ experience of Jebsen Holidays every time they book and stay at a Mandarin Oriental hotel or resort.
To explore the offer, please click https://goo.gl/XskBSt

Peninsula Pen Club

Jebsen Holidays was nominated as a PenClub member.
The Peninsula Hotels offers a collection of priority benefits to thank loyal travel professionals for their continued support, and to inspire new agents and their clients to share in the unrivalled Peninsula experience.  It is a select and personalised programme, with membership by invitation only, The PenClub rewards members with generous enticements and tailored incentives, offering both Jebsen Holidays and our clients the chance to get much more from The Peninsula Hotels.

Ritz Carlton Star Agent

Jebsen Holidays became a Ritz Carlton Star Agent in 2017. 
This STARS program was first created in 2002 which is a service and recognition program designed to provide those best agencies, like Jebsen Holidays, with a competitive advantage and create a personalized experience that the Jebsen Holidays’ customer will remember fondly.